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Casen and Chelsea {C+C}


Chelsea and Casen are the type of couple you look at and just know that they are meant to be together.  Couples like these two are the type I live to photograph.  They’re the type of couple you know that are going to last because everything is so natural.  It’s evident in their gaze that they love each other so very much and to top it off and solidify their fate, shortly after I had the privilege of photographing them, Casen surprised Chelsea with a proposal and they are now engaged!


I’ve been fortunate to know Chelsea since High School.  She is one of the sweetest girls I know and truly beautiful inside and out.  After meeting Casen, I can honestly say that he is definitely the most perfect match for her missing puzzle piece.  They compliment each other quite beautifully.



The two love birds met through mutual friends.  Chelsea’s friend was dating Casen’s best friend and thought that the couple should most definitely meet.  When the timing was right, as fate would have it, they met and the rest was history.  They dated for a month and pretty soon they became official.  They’ve been together for 2 years now; and of course, are now, engaged!

They love doing things together.  Casen and Chelsea have what any couple hope to have; they’re best friends.  They love hanging out with and taking their adorable dog Gunny to the river, going to apple hill, and hanging out with friends at the brewery.  They enjoy being creative together and taking photos while visiting different spots and also, enjoy re-finishing furniture.  They love Dexter and Breaking Bad, spending time with their friends and family, and just taking the time to spend quality time together.

When asked where they see each other in 5 years, they say, “Married with Kids? LoL” (Well I certainly hope so, those will be some good looking kids) ;)Chelsea plans to be a dental assistant and Casen for sure doing something he loves!

 “When I first met Chelsea, I wasn’t sure that she was my type or that she would be the last girl I ever dated.  It took only two weeks for her to prove me wrong.  I fell in Love with Chelsea.  I fell in love with the most beautiful person inside and out; an Angel.  She has a way with people that amazes me and it is a great joy being around her.  Chelsea has been there for me through difficult times and was my saving grace after surgery.  I love everything about her and it’s impossible not to.  She brings out the best in me and I could not ask for more from her.  I am in love with my best friend and she is the best thing that ever happened to me.”       -Casen

“I love that Casen is himself 100% of the time and not only that, but that he loves me 110%.  He is so natural with the way he loves me.  I love that he loves his mom more than anything.  I know I was in love with him when I witnessed how he acted around his mom.  It was so sweet and ensuring.  I love that he loves my family and is always urging that we go and hang out with my grandparents.  He is so amazing.”  -Chelsea



 For their session, Chelsea and Casen really wanted a fun, colorful, young-love kind of look.  They coordinated their wardrobe choices beautifully wearing complimentary, bright colors to give their images a bright cheery ambiance.  Their wardrobe choice was appropriate, comfortable, colorful, and definitely Casen and Chelsea.

 Their advice to other couples:  “Just be you!  Don’t think too much about it!”

I couldn’t agree more!

I suggest to all my clients to embellish the shoot, their images, and experience with props or extras.  Nothing that will take away from the subjects themselves, but a little something to personalize.  I was very excited when they brought along their handsome dog Gunny!  Though bringing an animal along can sometimes prove to be a daunting task especially with the time constraints of a mini session, (Chelsea and Casen were a little concerned that might try and catch some falling leaves and take off) however, Gunny was a delight!

 “Gunny is the best prop out there!  He’s a perfect little picture taker!”  -Chelsea


 How was your Experience?

 “It was so much fun!!! Casen has such a spirit about him that he makes everything special and fun!  I loved loving on him take after take!”

 One piece of advice for other couples in the Futures:

 “If taking pictures is hard for you, try and remember when you first fell in love with your significant other.  I promise you will smile and everything will come natural.”

 As for location?

“It was perfect!  Loved everything about it!”

Well, I certainly loved everything about these two.  Their love for each other was evident.  Everything was so natural and their pup Gunner completed this charming trio.



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