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Clicks Against Cancer

At the beginning of the month, I was approached by my Father to a.) Raise some money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation and b.) Raise awareness of Merenda G Photography on Facebook.  He offered to donate $1 for EVERY New ‘LIKE’ I received on my business page over the time span of a week.  I was inspired by this act of kindness and mid-campaign, promised to match his donation.  (That’s a total of $2 per like)  Thanks to so many wonderful individuals sharing posts and joining our Facebook event, in just one week, we gained 70 new ‘LIKES’ on the Merenda G Photography Facebook Page.

Cancer is unfortunately not uncommon and everyday we are more and more hopeful in the pursuit of finding a way to put its poison to rest.  It is very likely that every person or individual in this world knows, has come into contact with, or is associated with someone who currently has, or had conquered cancer.  In the past year, our family has lost two grandmothers to two different forms of cancer.  I have a best friend who’s mother has beat multiple forms of cancer several times, a great aunt who has conquered breast cancer, and for those of you who may not know, my Father, as well as myself have both experienced and overcome Melanoma (Skin Cancer).

For those of you wondering where the donations will be going, we have two family members who are active participants in Sports Endurance Events.  Both are cousins of ours!  Today, I made the 1st half of my contribution on behalf of our cousin Lisa (Lulu Bella) who is a member of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Team In Training.  She has participated in several events and is bettering her life by helping the lives of others!  She has helped to raise thousands of dollars during her fundraising. Here is the link to her Fundraising page:  Lulu Bella’s Fundraising Page.  The other member who we both will be making a donation for will be our cousin Karen, who’s page I’m told will be up and running soon.  More information to come! =)

I also, would like to applaud my friend Chelsea who has been actively participating in Sports Endurance Events as well.  She recently just trained and participated in the Nike Woman’s Half Marathon in Washington DC.  They raised over $108k for cancer research.

There are many forms of Cancer, and causes like these get us one step closer to finding the cure and providing hope to those who are fighting the fight or those who are supporting someone close to them.  Thank You.  Thank you for your support.  Also, a BIG THANK YOU to any of you who give to the cause or are involved in actively participating in order to fight for the cause.  These individuals are an inspiration.  Thank you to them for Everything they are and Everything they do.

Last, but certainly not least, A BIG THANK YOU to my Dad Len for sparking Clicks Against Cancer and for Supporting Merenda G Photography.


Together, We Can Make a Difference.

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