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Mike and Stephanie {S+M}

This couple’s mini session was somewhat special for me personally. I have known Stephanie for over 10 years. (We have been best friends since Junior High School). I have photographed Stephanie before, but on this day, I was able to capture her as part of a pair; a couple.

Stephanie and Mike haven’t been together very long; a fresh 5 months, but you wouldn’t know that looking at these images.  Young love is beautiful. Everything is fresh and new. You’re just getting to know each other.

The unique thing about Stephanie and Mike’s relationship is that in order for it to have been possible, it would have had to play out exactly the way that it happened.



Stephanie and Mike went on their first date on June 1st. However, if you ask Mike, he’d tell you that he met Stephanie at 4:30pm on Tuesday, January 22nd 2013. Actually he met about 80 people at a time that day and it was pure luck that she happened to be one of the people enrolled in his chemistry class.

Being Stephanie’s best friend, I got to hear her talk about “The Professor” for the entire semester while simultaneously having her admit to not speaking a single word to him the entire time.

“I was too shy to ask him questions and waited til the semester was over to ask him out!”  -Stephanie

(I would later find out that it turns out the attraction had been mutual)

When you first start dating someone you like, you start to gather the little things you admire about each other.

“I love how he makes me laugh and his adorable dimples when he smiles!” -Stephanie

“This will probably sound like a cop out, but I haven’t yet found anything about Stephanie that doesn’t amaze me. It’s true. The first thing I noticed about her though?  Her eyes. They captivate me. ”  -Mike

They love being in each other’s company, so long as they’re together, it’s enjoyable. When I asked what they liked to do together, Mike said, “We have a list!  Laughing, eating, and watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’ are all really high on that list.



For Mike and Stephanie’s session, they wanted a fun, candid look. They weren’t really going for anything other than “Stephanie and Mike.”  It was more about them having fun and being themselves rather than having it be a manipulation and having them look a certain way. Mike says jokingly, “I really just did was I was told.”

It’s funny because these two didn’t need very much direction. Their interaction was natural and my best friend and her new beau were lit up, smiling like no other.

They brought along 3 outfits and wore 2 of them. They worked together to coordinate their looks. (As is always the most visually appealing)  They brought variety without carting out the whole closet which was nice because they got to have options.

The props we all had talked about quite a bit. Stephanie had done some research of her own and had found several images that she admired on Pinterest. From those images, we built our own concepts. They really wanted to bring a Chemistry book because that is what had brought them together. Also, who doesn’t enjoy a great pun?  Not only did they meet in a Chemistry Class, but they came together because they have great chemistry!  *Duh-Dun-Tsk*

We brought along a vintage camera, Steph’s favorite flowers, and a pumpkin. (Which we later found out was appropriate because Michael calls Steph “Pumpkin”).


How was your experience?

“It was a great experience. Stephanie and I laughed A LOT, goofed off, and had fun. We were ourselves which is exactly what we wanted. It was almost as if there just happened to be a camera there while we were enjoying each other’s company.” -Mike

“Merenda and Sean made us laugh and we were more at ease with being ourselves during the shoot.”

One Piece of Advice for Others?

“Props, Outfits, and Have Fun!”

“Have fun, be yourselves, and forget that there is a camera there. Listen to Merenda and you’ll end up with amazing photos, but the more you pay attention to each other and the less you pay attention to the camera, the better it will turn out!” -Mike

Were you nervous, anxious or fearful?

“I’ve never done a couples shoot before and I love to have pictures in my home!” -Stephanie

“I was worried about Merenda’s camera breaking when she aimed it at me. It’s a good thing that Steph is pretty enough for the both of us (and then some)” -Mike

“A great open area. I wanted shots of us together on a blanket.” -Stephanie

The sunset was beautiful. The laughs were genuine and I have never been so happy to see new feelings transform.

As for where they see themselves in five years?

Que Sera Sera


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