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It seems not too long ago that I remember living out the remaining months, weeks, days of my Senior year in High School eagerly awaiting Graduation.  It’s a time in our lives; a coming of age moving toward a journey toward something new-the beginning of adulthood.  It truly is bitter sweet and I don’t think we realize how fast time flies until we’re five or six years down the road looking back and reflecting on this time of our lives.

I recently had the pleasure of taking part in stopping this moment in time to preserve memories to reflect back on in one young man’s life.  Along with my assistant for the evening Stephanie Astle, we took a trip down to the old Folsom Power House to meet with Jonas and his mother.  It was a beautifully lit evening and the night resulted with a variety of nice shots.  Jonas was a character-shy, but very easy going and pleasure to be around.  Like an old soul, Jonas was quite the serious one, but his face lit up when we got to laughing and smiling.  We were able to tap into his athletic side and got creative with some baseball shots and thankfully, he wasn’t shy about moving around (and) climbing up, on, and around things.  Quite the sport!

Overall, I was glad to have met Jonas during this time changing moment in his life and to help create in memories that hopefully, he and his family can look back on for years to come.  I look forward to hearing what life has in store for him and where it takes him!


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